Mics and Preamps


Fully air conditioned and acoustically treated, features a large control room that accommodates an engineer and up to four additional clients and producers. The live room is a large and flexible space with moveable panels, an acoustic table with headphone inputs that comfortably seats up to five people.

SSL G+ 4000 32 channels console
1 Neumann U67
1 Neumann U89
1 Neumann M149
1 AKG C12 VR
2 AKG C414 B-ULS
2 AKG C460B combo-ULS/61
2 AKG C535 EB
1 SONY C-800G
2 Schopes CMC 6
1 Sanken CU-44X
1 Royer R-122
2 Audix D2
1 Audix D4
1 Audix D6
1 Audix i5
1 Rode NT2
1 Audio-Technica AT4033
4 Sennheiser MD421
1 Electro-Voice RE20
2 Shure SM57 Beta
2 Shure SM58 Beta

EQ / Miscellaneous
4 Shep/Neve SN8/1073 Mic Pre’s & EQ’s
8 Neve 31102 Mic Pre’s & EQ’s
Great River MP2-NV
A Designs REDDI

Hear Technologies Hear Back w/ 8 mixer

Digital Recorders
Optical: HHB CD Recorder CDR-800 x1

Yamaha C6 Grand Piano
Yamaha Maple Custom Drum